On this page, you’ll find frequently asked questions about the learning management system of activeMind.academy. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact our support staff.


A learning management system or LMS is on online learning platform. The learning content as well as the teaching and learning processes are controlled in the LMS. Different teaching approaches can be integrated within the LMS. Online courses with multimedia content and exercises or tests are possible, as well as formats that combine self- and in-person learning (so-called blended learning or virtual classroom).


Book as many licences as you need for your company. All licences are valid for one year (365 days) from the booking date. Licences can be installed in user accounts at any time within this period. You can schedule your employees’ course participation or train future employees.


Yes, you can book new licences to your allotment any time within this period with a pro-rated invoice. Please contact our support staff.


Every company has one or more training coordinators who either register participants based on the booked licences or generate an access code with which the participants can register themselves. Find out more using our complete instructions.


Yes. The number of participants and the courses can be expanded at any time with a pro-rated invoice for the additional bookings.


Yes. The participants receive a personalised downloadable certificate after successful completion of the final exam. The certificate is available for download for a period of a year.


The training coordinator can either register the participants based on the booked licences or generate an access code with which employees can register themselves.


Yes. The training coordinator can limit the validity of the access code. The maximum validity period for the access code is one year from the time of booking.


The coordinator has access to participant data for one year from the time of booking the training. After the contractual period, the user data will be deleted.


Yes. The training coordinator can contact support with questions at any time at support@activemind.academy. The coordinator supports the users within his area.


Your employees can do the trainings themselves – independent of set schedules and using their choice of end device. Their progress can easily be checked online and a certificate can be printed out directly within the portal upon successful completion of the exam.

Practical relevance is especially important when trying to convey complex information, and multimedia, such as films and interactive elements, assist in creating a playful and memorable experience when learning how to correctly handle sensitive data.

If you want to change your profile, click on the button “My profile”. Click the link “edit here” at the bottom of the page. You can also go directly to  https://www.activemind.academy/profile/edit/ and make changes there.


If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click on the button “Forgot your password?” in the login window. You can find this directly under the “Register” button. Enter your user name or email address in the open window. A link for getting a new password will be sent to the email address given.


There can be many reasons why you haven’t received an email. Normally, you would receive an email automatically after registering that lets you set your password. Please look in your spam folder. In some cases, the automatic email may come a little later. If you’ve checked your spam folder and waited for a while and still haven’t received an email, consult your training coordinator. He or she can see who has registered. Sometimes there may be slight errors (for example, a missing character in the email address). If your training coordinator is not able to find an error, please contact our support staff.