Online information security training for your employees


Online information security training

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All about our information security training in less than 3 minutes …

The challenge of employee training

The best firewalls and most refined security guidelines don’t bring you much if your employees aren’t trained in IT, data and information security. Your system and information security are best ensured when technology, processes and people are in top form.

But training your employees can be challenging, due to a lack of motivation or difficult content.

Our online courses can help overcome this challenge.

Practical online training

Your employees can learn online whenever it best suits them during their work day. High quality multimedia teaching materials provide the necessary training content, including interactive practice questions to reinforce learning. Employees receive a certificate at the end after successful completion of a test.

You can monitor employee training progress at any time and verify compliance with training requirements.

Information security training made simple

The online training in information security sensitizes your employees in critical topics with one clear goal: They will know what they can do themselves to ensure information and system security.

Approximately within an hour, your employees will get the basics in information security, how typical attacks occur and what they can do against them.

Why employees are one of the three pillars of information security and why an attack on IT affects everyone.

What is a phishing attack? How does one recognize a phishing message? What should an employee do – and definitely not do?

What’s the difference between the public and the private cloud? Why are certain cloud services not set up in companies? And what actually happens with cloud data?

Why are simple passwords so easy for hackers to crack? How can I think up really secure passwords and then remember them?

Why is information categorized in risk or confidentiality classes? What are these classes anyway? How and in which risk class do employees protect information?

The purpose of the final test is to show proof of understanding. Ten questions from the five lessons must be answered. Those who get at least 60% correct can download a certificate showing successful course completion.

Improved security comes with trained employees

People are the most important factor in information security next to technology (firewalls, virus protection, etc.) and organisation (guidelines etc.). Trained employees are critical to protecting your company from hackers and other attackers.

Set up our practical and effective online information security training now for your employees. Increase awareness of the typical dangers in IT use and working with data.

Your customers, business partners and employees will thank you.

Frequently asked questions about the online information security training

The information security training is designed for employees of companies in the EU and Switzerland. However, the contents of the online course will also help employees in any other country (with appropriate language skills), as information, data and IT security are universal topics.

Your employees need around an hour to complete the entire training. The content is split up into five lessons and can be interrupted after each lesson and continued at any time.

The learning content is provided through videos. Each lesson has practice questions so your employees can consolidate their understanding.

The lessons were conceived and prepared by lawyers and IT experts together with learning specialists to ensure a quality training experience. The lessons were designed so that employees can pass the test without a legal or technical background.

You can acquire as many licences as you need for your employees. All company employees have automatic access to the online courses you book.

Learn here how to invite your employees to the training, monitor their progress and if applicable, download certificates: general FAQs.